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America thanks you, Donald

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez - AOC - should be greatly obliged to Donald Trump for kindling the spark of a likely run at the presidency in 4...

A New Pandemic

Evangelical Christians who follow the Bible’s written word believe that non-believers will be destroyed in the Rapture - the last coming...

Chinese Wargames

Steve Bannon’s arrest upon Chinese dissident Miles Kwok’s super yacht should have thrown the CCP leadership into spasms of rapture, given...

An Ode to Democracy in India

Democracies give way to tyrannies when mob passion overwhelms political wisdom and a populist autocrat seizes the masses. - Plato Prime...

Message from the Higher Self

Me, mine, not mine - make up the entire perspective of Man. There is nothing in our entire experience that cannot be thrown into these...

Revolution in the Digital Age

On a winter day in 1773, a rallying cry of “No Taxation Without Representation” egged on Boston’s Sons of Liberty to overthrow the East...

Democracy in the 4IR

I’ve always thought that the elegance of American democracy was best showcased by the election of Barack Obama following eight years of...

A Time for Reparations

The Fox News narrative goes something like this: the brutal killing of George Floyd is condemnable, but violent protest in response is...

Ecological Remediation

One advantage the Chinese have is they can plan far ahead. Their political system does not restrict leadership to envision change in...

The Virtuonomy

The five great elements described in the Vedas - earth, water, fire, air, and space - are identified as the building blocks of all...

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