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The Unbearable Heaviness of Choice

Let’s play a game.

If you were given all the money in the world - any amount, and made the richest person in the world - would you surrender your life in exchange?

No. You can’t pass on the wealth to your family or friends or even give it to charity. The money is created out of nothing (much like it really is) and goes back to nothing. But in making this choice you get to value a human life - yours, specifically - by assigning a numeric figure to it.

It doesn’t matter what the number is. Billions, trillions, gadzillions. Is there a being alive who would take that deal? Equally, could there be just one person who would not agree to such a bargain?

The choice you’d make in this simple thought game would determine no less than the fate of mankind, and his (or her) preponderance for good or evil.

Consider the following: All the universe is vibrating, and the scale is limitless in every direction. We fall within the octave somewhere, though not always at its apex like we are inclined to assume. Yet it is an infinite range, and our eternal nature is destined to move along with it in perpetual waves.

If every one of us took the choice of money in exchange for our lives, then we would define our existence with a finite value, no matter how large. But this would violate the physical nature of a fractal universe which is an infinite dimensional vibration.

Conversely, if only one among us rejected the offer in this game, then the equation returns an infinite value. Just like that, ONE of us can make a choice to remain alive and ALL of us become infinite in consequence.

As infinite beings, then, we are left with the simple choice to determine the level of energy we direct towards vibrating at specific frequencies along the fractal scale. Indeed, our entire perception of reality is derived solely from this effort. All the joy, sadness, sickness, health, prosperity and despair; they concurrently stem simply from the frequency that we adopt in time and space.

Aberrant waves of collective consciousness that lead us astray and bring us disease or sorrow simply move us along the corresponding arc of the fractal scale, which the very same collective consciousness can equally guide into harmony with a creation borne from our collective-consciousness.

Indeed, as unlimited beings even one conscious entity may influence this migration if possessed of the energy required to exert the requisite force. Certainly, it’s easier if we all pull together in one direction. Perhaps this is one way to overcome the expanding strain of coronavirus that has recently beset us; quite possibly it is even the most considerate way to do so.

As much as we talk about compassion, it’s often elusive in our daily experience. Personal and societal relationships are more often marked by fear and control - and sullied by anger - than infused with love and kindness. In fact, the most personal relationship - that of one entity to oneself - is perpetually subjected to an internal turmoil resulting in stress, anxiety, depression and disease.

Returning to our game, if we all choose to exchange our free selves for a fee, then the very limitations of doing so would lead to the self-infliction of such conflicts. In the contrast of good and evil, if such comparisons can be said to exist, then moving along a limited arc could be considered evil if only because it brings you into an undesirable experience which you would prefer to avoid.

Because the converse choice would remove limits and be infinite, the eventual resolution of those conflicts would become an inevitability, and this, presumably, can be considered good in the same scheme of things. In our thought game, if we choose the infinite path then we will sooner or later reach this desirable - or good - destination. It’s just a matter of time and space.

If such a characterization appeals to you then it suggests that an infinite state would be greatly more desirable than a finite one, if only because in an infinite experience there is an abundance of good which is limited in a finite state. And remember that only one person is required to make the choice to live, and the resulting value changes to infinity for all of us.

So why all the doom and gloom, discord and strife? Well, in the end it is up to us to determine the frequency of our vibration. I imagine that once we realize that the scale can never end in every direction, then it becomes easier to choose to move along its arc in a harmonious path.

It remains entirely our choice, however. In times when the collective consciousness is being led astray, then choice weighs heavily upon us as we endure sorrow through what seems like an eternity.

At such dark moments it’s tempting to choose to trade off your free-will in the game of life, but always remember that it takes just one player to turn the equation from a fixed value into infinity. And that player could be me.

Or it could be you.

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